Life Post-Wubs

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

Ok, so I’m exaggerating. Our weekend wasn’t that terrible. Besides our horrific nap and bedtimes after saying goodbye to the Wubbanubs forever, the girls had a marginally good time.

We didn’t have dance class this weekend, so we stopped by the Farmer’s Market. 

Amelia does some light reading. 
The girls are no strangers to picking herbs. Our garden always looks like we have little bunny scavengers picking through the produce. 

Two bulls in a china shop. 
We gave up on explaining to the girls that oxen do not want to be pet/brushed like Bandit. 
Potato sack race!
Amelia found it hilarious that everyone around her was jumping around in sacks. 
Samantha’s race ended in frustrated tears after she kept tripping. That hair desperately needs a trim– she’s constantly brushing it out of her face. 
Scavenging for veggies. 
Playing veterinarians. 
Future vet. 

Crepe break for lunch. Daddy makes the best crepes on Saturdays!

Family photo time at Salt Creek Beach Park. We filled the girls up on bribes snacks pre- photo shoot in hopes that they would cooperate. Not sure if we got any big smiles, but they didn’t cry, so that’s something.

It’s hard work being cute. Where’s the other treats your promised us? 

Celebrating the fact that there were no photo shoot meltdowns. Random foods the girls are addicted to: cilantro, red onion and olives. 

Pass the guac. 
After dinner, we walked around the Dana Point harbor and the girls got hopped up on frozen yogurt/answered questions from a dozen fans. My favorite “twinterested” strangers included a sweet couple who had twin great grandchildren and twin grandchildren. They were adorable talking about how fun it is to see the relationships develop between the twins in their family. I tend to agree!
Another random grandfatherly guy walked out of a restaurant to ask us if the twins know that they are twins. Good question! They definitely know each other’s names and refer to each other separately (can’t identify one another correctly in pictures, however), but I don’t think they realize that not everyone in the world has a twin sister. 
Bribe accepted. Mommy and Daddy are suckers. 

Lots of love, 

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