Easter and Kite Fail 2015

Easter 2013: 
Easter 2014: 
Easter 2015: 
The Easter Bunny brought us giant chalk markers! And stuffed animals that look suspiciously like the ones from last year!
Amelia 2014: 

Amelia 2015:
Samantha 2014: 
Samantha 2015: 

After opening Easter baskets, we did a quick Easter egg hunt on the trail out back. Because Easter isn’t complete until we’ve done our fifth egg hunt. 
Hmmmm..which one to eat first?
Amelia did things the right way– properly collecting eggs in her basket
Samantha didn’t see the point in collecting eggs to be opened later. She simply picked up eggs, one or two at a time, ate the bunny grahams and threw the egg aside. No sense in wasting time. 
Hard to say who collected the most eggs. While Samantha was busy eating, Amelia was pretty quick picking up her bounty. 
Here comes Amelia Cottontail.
Look! Kites!

Let’s fly one!

We’ve been waiting all spring for enough wind to go kite flying and had grand visions of flying one on Easter; much to our delight, the wind picked up and we scrambled to find a good spot. Enduring the taunting of another family who was successfully flying their Olaf kite without problems, we couldn’t seem to keep our kite flying for more than five minutes.

Kite watching. 
Kite watching is better with bunny ears on. 

Samantha was pretty confident she could turn our kite-flying woes around. 
I got this. 

Amelia enjoyed the show from the trail. 
And helped retrieve/throw the kite in the air when it inevitably crash landed. 
Kite down. 
At one point, the kite nose-dived and smacked Amelia right on the head. She was none too pleased. 

Good thing we had more eggs to cheer her up. 

After many failed attempts at kite flying, we left the trail with our heads down, and tails between our legs, trudging down the trail in defeat past the happy family successfully flying their kite. I think they pitied us.

Despite the kite fail, we had a relaxing Easter and everyone was in better spirits after eating Easter dinner en plein air.

A carrot date muffin or two (or three) may have helped too. 

Expert photo-bombing by Amelia. 

Happy Easter, girls!
Lots of love, 


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