A day in the life

A day in the life of S and A…
Samantha came barreling out of her room at 6:45 a.m. looking for me. Every morning, without fail, she asks “Where did Dada go?” with those big, blue puppy dog eyes. Every time I say, “Dada went to work. But he’ll be home after naps and will give Sammy a big hug.” That usually placates her for an hour or so until she asks again. 
Last week, I decided to take the girls to Jake’s office to give them a better concept of what “work” is. It had been a while since we had visited the office, and we were basically run over by the other lawyers and secretaries crowding around S and A, so I didn’t get any pictures. Let’s just say the girls are satisfied that Daddy does not, in fact, go to an awesome park every day without them. 
Anyway, Amelia slept in until 7:30 (she usually sleeps a little bit longer than S), so Samantha and I made some pumpkin waffles, eggs and green smoothies together. Every five seconds, it was “Where’s Ba? Ba sleeping?” “Ba” is Samantha’s name for Amelia– we’re just running with it. After S finished breakfast, “Ba” eventually toddled down to join us and then it was breakfast: part two. 
After second breakfast, we walked Bandit, the girls took baths and then it was off to gym class. Although we pulled into the parking lot a few minutes early, we ended up being ten minutes late to class due to Samantha throwing a tantrum over not being able to have another snack (or was it not being able to bring her stuffed giraffe into the gym with her? Or was it that she wanted a wipe to dry the hand sanitizer off her hands? I lose track). 
Gym class is always a little mini break for me and the girls love it. A win win. 
Playdate with Grace after their gym class. Grace is so sweet and even says Amelia’s name perfectly. It CAN be done, girls. 

Home. Potty. Lunch. Clean up the disaster that is the aftermath of lunch. Potty. Naps. Freedom!

As soon as the girls wake up from naps, I have to take a second to mentally prepare myself. Their batteries have been fully charged while I’m nearing empty and they are like little tornadoes until their heads hit the pillow for the night. 
 Post-nap “helping” with a painting project. 

Amelia knows just how to push Samantha’s buttons. 
And she thoroughly enjoys it, too. 

Looking like ghostly white little ragamuffins, the girls ran to greet Jake when he got home and the three read books and played with some stamps on the floor while I took a breather and started dinner.

Dinner is usually pretty quick and consists of chatting about our day, telling the girls that yes, we know their food is hot– blow on it, and that no, they may not have another piece of chicken//pasta/bread until they eat their peas and carrots. Amelia typically complies while Samantha pretends and then spits them out or throws them to Bandit when she thinks we aren’t looking. Once we tell her that Amelia is beating her in the veggie eating race, she’ll stuff a handful in her mouth. She’s definitely motivated by competition.

After dinner, we usually walk around the neighborhood or go out on the trail, but this particular night, we checked out one of the parks that’s been on the girls’ bucket list. Just in case you’re keeping track, we’re now on outfit change due to spillage #3.

S and A tired themselves out climbing up the hill, up the ladder, and down the slide approximately 932 times. This was arguably the tallest, steepest slide the girls have been on to date, but they didn’t seem to care about the height– they were up there with all the other five year olds having a blast.

Many of our friends say the girls are talking a lot more these days. It’s hard for me to tell since I’m with them everyday, but I definitely feel like their speech is improving. It’s so cute hearing them talk about shapes, colors and the world around them.

Pull ups. 

Amelia– our happy little sprite. 
This girl wears me out. I love her anyway. 

Race around the square. 
Back at home, we read bedtime stories (I read one each before checking out, while the girls usually con Jake into reading at least five) and then it was lights out at 7:30. And then we’ll do it all over again the next day. 
Lots of love, 

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