I’m officially less than a year away from 30 and I’ve definitely been feeling the love this week!
Back track to a few weeks ago to birthday celebration number one. Phi’s birthday is on the 2nd and mine on the 22nd, so we thought we’d celebrate right in the middle…sans Parker, Samantha and Amelia, of course. 
The significance behind the fact that we went to a restaurant called Twenty Eight didn’t even hit me until a few days later when I realized I was about to turn 29. Whoa. 
We all ordered a few small dishes and sampled each other’s. How could we not order food entitled “Hello Spring” and “Caramel Lace Prawns”? YUM.
April birthday girls. So fun to chat and have a real meal without kids interrupting us!
Fast forward to my actual birthday…woke up to some half-eaten almond flour waffles and frittata, compliments of Jake, Samantha and Amelia. The girls have enjoyed the excitement building up to their birthday and have requested to “read” every single one of my cards the past week. 
When it was present time, S and A were super excited that THEY were having another birthday and had fun opening my presents. My gift from S and A was this very hilarious pop-out book they had handcrafted with the help of some scissors and a laminator.  Each page has a pop out picture of someone in the family. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing– it looks awesome in person!
For my birthday, I originally requested a day off to finish Spring Cleaning (i.e. finishing the purging/organizing rampage I’ve been on the past week), but I decided to pick up a few things for our family pictures this weekend instead. Let’s just say shopping alone is amazing!
While I was out, Jake took the girls to Pretend City. As I was flipping through my photostream later, I found these taken by Jake. I don’t even want to know what was going on here. 
Sammy the horse? 
While the girls napped, I had a dentist appointment. Yes, ON MY BIRTHDAY. You may recall that a few months ago, I had a screw drilled into my jaw where I have a tooth missing and it’s taken a few months to heal. This past week, they needed to take the mold for my new tooth/crown, which was painless, but not the most pleasant experience (didn’t love the taste/feel of clay in my mouth). At least my dentist gave me movie tickets for coming in on my birthday.
The girls had an early dinner before Ana arrived to babysit. So glad I didn’t have to clean up this mess. Also, I love that they look like inmates in these outfits. How fitting. 
Cake time. 
Jake kept asking the girls whose cake it was and Amelia consistently responded, “Mommy’s cake,” while Samantha repeated “Sammy’s cake!” Nice to know she understood whose birthday it was. I love that every birthday here on out will automatically be re-designated as Samantha’s birthday.
The girls had been singing “Happy Birthday” all day and were over the moon when we finally got to sing it for real. 

Stuffing their faces with sugar– just in time for the sitter!

Family selfie, complete with Samantha’s frosting nose. 

Amelia highly disapproved of her sister’s rude finger-licking. 

Thoughts of our little tornadoes were far from our minds as we enjoyed a sunset dinner at the Montage. Love this guy!

After taking an intentionally long time to eat and walk around the beach, we returned home to two little girls who were most definitely not sleeping. We knew we were in trouble when we could see the light on in their room from the driveway. Good thing I could play the “It’s my birthday” card.
29 started out with a bang (literally- Samantha somehow fell out of bed last night and has a goose egg on her forehead) and I felt so blessed to share it with this lovely crew of mine!
Lots of love, 

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