Whenever I hear little voices chiming, “Uh-oh,” I know something’s up.

A typical situation: S will be going potty in the downstairs bathroom. I’ve just placed A on the potty upstairs. I rush down the stairs to check on S, when half-way down, I’ll hear a very guilty, “Uh-oh.”

Samantha will repeat it, smiling innocently as she looks up at me, standing in front of the toilet. This usually means one of two things:

She’s either put an entire intact roll of toilet paper (or two or three) into the toilet;
She’s put any number of foreign objects into the toilet including, but not limited to: baby wipes, soap dispenser, her own underwear, random objects I’ve failed to confiscate from the premises prior to potty time.

 We are going through toilet paper, plastic gloves and garbage bags like hot cakes around here. 

Another messy scenario the girls like to engage themselves in is playing with spices. Yesterday, I was outside helping Amelia blow bubbles, when I heard the tell-tale “Uh-oh” coming from the vicinity of the kitchen. Before I got there to check out the damage, Samantha had already come out, covered in cinnamon, acting totally nonchalant.

Caught brown-handed. 

The clincher is that both girls are semi-allergic to cinnamon. It gives them a little rash around their lips when they come into contact with cinnamon on their applesauce, for example. The rash goes away within a few minutes, but in Samantha’s case, she looked diseased for a full hour after her cinnamon rampage.

I’ll give credit where credit is due– at least she helped me vacuum it up.

Another big “Uh-oh” moment at our house includes making meals, breakfast in particular. If you’ve ever had breakfast at our house, you know green smoothies are a staple and one of our favorite parts of the morning routine is making them together.

The girls are pros at putting the fruits and veggies into the blender, but sometimes they get carried away and start to dump out frozen blueberries and spinach all over the counter. I had to learn (the HARD way) to turn off the blender so that if one of the girls pressed the blend button prematurely, green smoothie wouldn’t redecorate our kitchen. That was a BIG “Uh-oh!”

Lots of love,


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