The After-Party

First world problem: after cleaning up from the girls’ party, we realized we had no room to take anything home in our car. Our friends graciously loaded the gifts in their mini-van to deliver to us later that night, at which point S and A were already fast asleep, dreams of giant Elmos and crazy Cat in the Hats floating in their heads. No, really. 
That night, Amelia woke us up at least twice, screaming “Elmooooooo! Bubbles!!!!” Not sure if that was a good dream or a bad one.  

After opening presents, most of these went straight into my toy rotation bins for future play.
Party time again!
We gave Christmas a run for its money as the girls took a few hours to open presents, mostly due to the fact that they wanted to play with every single one after opening them. 
The flower clip from Aunt Sarah’s recent Hawaii trip was Amelia’s idea, as were her jewels. Because just because we’re in pajamas doesn’t mean we can’t accessorize. 
Awesome Elmo silverware. 
Dr. Sammy is ready to see you. 
Out of all the toys, the girls spent the majority of the time playing with the bubbles Marisa got them as part of her gift! 

Amelia decided to away from home with puppy in her carrier and My Little Pony in her suitcase. 

After the chaos that was present-opening (try writing down who gave what for thank you notes while two toddlers are running around ripping tissue paper and cards from gift bags), we ate “second breakfast” at Great Auntie Lynn’s. 
We are working on getting Samantha to not throw a tantrum anytime Jake holds a baby or kid other than her. 

Grandma did double duty. 

Can I just say this makes me SO excited to one day get the girls in piano lessons so they can play duets together?

Practicing on their Striders from Grammy and Grandpa. 

The girls haven’t fully grasped the fact that the whole point of Striders is to help them work on their balance. At the present moment, they they think it’s just another vehicle for mom and dad to push them on. 
Chilling at the park with Noah. 


Loving life. 

Before Grammy and Grandpa left for Utah, we also checked out the San Diego Zoo, along with Uncle Mike and Ali. 


Well, hello seal!
Whack a mole. 
There were signs all over the panda exhibit telling everyone to remain silent so as not to disturb the bears. Guess how long that lasted? 

Amelia was ecstatic that Grammy bought her an iced lemonade while waiting for all the dutifully quiet members of our group to exit the pandas.

Table-side entertainment at dinner. 


Before leaving San Diego, we happened upon the girls’ favorite park to date!
Forget the zoo. This giant metal slide kept them entertained forever. 
Tired out as soon as they hit the car seat from this: 


I’m thinking next year, instead of a party, we just come here. 
Lots of love, 

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