PJ’s and Pancakes

Our original plan for the girls’ actual birthday midweek was for Jake to take the day off and take the girls down to the Wild Animal Park in San Diego, but with Jake working like crazy for a big trial coming up, that didn’t end up happening. Plan B was better. PJ’s and pancakes morning!
The girls didn’t know quite what to do with their stack ‘o flap jacks.
Definitely not the usual green smoothie, eggs, or oatmeal.
Samantha was very serious about slicing them just right.
Amelia wasn’t afraid to start digging in.
I’m fairly certain the funfetti sprinkles and blueberry agave syrup canceled out the whole wheat.
After cleaning up breakfast, it was clear we needed to burn off all that sugar, so we had a Girls’ Day Out at their favorite local park.
This cutie is two!
Peekaboo Amelia.
Peekaboo Sammy.
Hey– it’s your birthday? Me too!
Later that evening, we met up near Jake’s work for dinner and some entertainment. The girls are obsessed with trains, so it was the perfect easy, no-hassle birthday treat.
Tee hee.
We spent all of two seconds on the ferris wheel before it broke.



The girls’ disappointment quickly disappeared when they spotted the carousel. To make up for the ferris wheel no-go, they just HAD to ride the carousel four times.
We figured one time around per year in age per girl was about right.
Without fail, Samantha always wants to choose another horse as soon as the ride starts.
Telling mommy which horse she wants next.

Doesn’t matter if it’s brick, grass, sand, dirt, wood, tile…Samantha loves to flatten out on every conceivable surface and pretend to take a nap. She giggles while we pretend not to see her and call her name.

A good day to turn two!

Lots of love,


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