Happy Birthday, Grammy!

Samantha and Amelia turn the big TWO tomorrow, so that can only mean today is Grammy’s birthday! Happy birthday, Grammy! 

Grammy and Grandpa drove out from Utah last week to help with the girls and celebrate at their party this weekend, which basically meant I was on vacation (expect for those pesky last-minute party details).

The girls’ party was a blast and pictures will be posted as soon as I collect all of them from our friends and family.

Elmo and Grammy wishing Samantha a Happy Birthday!

While I was taking care of party stuff, Grammy helped out around the house and even gave Jake a break from bedtime story duty.

 It’s always nice having an extra pair of hands or two to help on walks. 

S and A showed Grammy around town (a.k.a parks).

At one point the day before the party, I sent Grammy, Grandpa, Jake and the girls out of the house to the beach so that I could get things done!

Trying out their new Strider bikes from Grandpa and Grammy. 

When do Jake and I eat breakfast in peace? Only when Great Auntie Lynn is cooking and Grammy’s on twin duty.

 Happy birthday, Grammy! We miss you already!

Lots of love,


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