Carousels, cakes, and sand castles– oh my!

This week, Samantha and Amelia were excited (even if they didn’t show it…I knew they were happy deep down) to hang out with some of their favorite people. During our much-anticipated play date with Marisa, who was home on Spring Break, and Ms. Lori, the girls were being shy, but warmed up a little after they realized their friends loved fountains and carousels too (or, at least pretended to for the girls’ sake. Grateful!)

Marisa was on fountain duty. 

This is the most solemn I have EVER seen Samantha on a carousel. 

We got a few giggles and smiles out of Amelia, even though here she’s acting too cool for school.

We rode the carousel twice, but almost didn’t go for a second round after Samantha was incensed that the carousel operator made us get off the ride, and get back in line (behind five people waiting) and then choose a horse. I know you are just doing your job, but I hope you feel good about yourself watching a two-year-old cry.

The entire ride, Samantha was saying something that neither Marisa, nor myself, could understand for the life of us. We asked Amelia to interpret, but she wasn’t helpful either. Matter-of-factly, Lori explained that Samantha simply wanted to hold the ticket to the carousel ride– of course! The girls obviously wanted to examine what magical powers that piece of paper had so they could figure out how it could get them on the carousel again. Genius!

It was so nice to actually be able to eat sitting down for a change, not to mention having help warding off a casting agent and rolling our eyes at the lady next to us who was visibly annoyed with Amelia’s singing and dancing. Thanks, friends!
With a birthday party every week as of late, the girls are getting the hang of the whole party thing. When I explained we were going to Leighton’s Despicable Me party (note the minion shirts), the girls immediately started chanting, “Elmo! Cat in the Hat! Cake!”  Only the confirmation that there would indeed be cake made up for their confusion that neither Elmo nor Cat in the Hat would be in attendance. Nice to know they still remember their own party (a whopping 3 weeks later).

First time playing air hockey: totally addicted. 

What else are dads for if not to take their little girls inside a tornado funnel? 

Or slide down the inflatables? 

Samantha had a few meltdowns during the party with all the over-stimulation, but overall, both girls hung in there with the four-year-olds.

The last few days of the week were scorching hot and we headed to the beach to cool off with friends. Who needs the boys to haul our stuff? We’ve got this beach trip thing down. 
Girls beach day with Maliyah and Baby Allie. 
Watermelon on a hot day: yum.
It’s so fun to watch these cuties interact with each other. We’ve finally reached a point where they will actually talk and play a bit. It’s like a lightbulb went off that said, “Hey! We’re the same age! Let’s play!” Jodi and I are still counting down the days until we can hold an actual conversation while all four girls entertain each other for a few minutes, but we’ll take what we can get for now. 

The girls playing catch.  
Allie and Amelia explore the water bucket. 
After Jodi and Maliyah built a few castles, Allie, S and A couldn’t resist the urge to knock them down. 

Samantha insisted on taking off her own hoodie. I’m having visions of this happening in the grocery store from now on– once that girl decides she doesn’t want to wear something, it’s gone!

Looking out over Aliso Creek. 
I’m gonna climb over this thing, mom!
Being silly. 

Contemplating the meaning of life. 

 Sister chat while the sun goes down. 

Busy week with friends = very short bedtimes and good sleep for these wild ones!

Lots of love,


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