Bunnies and boating

Last year, when the girls had barely turned one, we took them to meet the Easter Bunny for the first time. Despite having major stranger danger issues with real live people, for whatever reason, they didn’t have any problem whatsoever with creepy mechanical bunnies. 
So weird that they used to have reddish hair. 

This year was no exception– the girls were excited to hang with the Easter Bunny!
 After meeting the Easter Bunny (“Bye bye, bunny!” the girls chimed over and over), S and A “hunted” for Easter eggs.  And by hunted, I mean picked up eggs that were “hidden” in plain sight all over the ground. 
The rules were that every kid could only take eight eggs. Lame. In my day, it was survival of the fittest…what are we teaching this generation?!
Yep. That was a hard one to find, Samantha. 
Despite my preference against rewarding mediocrity, the girls were so excited with their eight eggs that I couldn’t help but be excited with them. 

Carnival games! Again, everyone was a winner and got a prize at the end. What has this world come to? 

 Sugar cookie decorating.

Samantha is always pretty liberal with the sprinkles. 
We checked out the mountain lions at the little zoo near the park so that we didn’t have to hear the girls chant, “Animals! Animals!” one more time. We were wrong. They continued their little song the rest of the day. 
The Sammy flower. 
Bloomin’ Amelia. 

Paddleboat time! Samantha was a little scared, so Amelia went first. 
While I was freaking out on shore, Amelia had no fear of standing up. 

Hmmmmm…looks like fun after all. 
Samantha finally wanted a turn. 
Amelia reminisces about her awesome time paddle boating. 
Samantha clung to Jake most of the time, but eventually got used to the water. 

Continuing on the transportation theme,  we saved the best for last. 

Train rides are always epic in the girls’ opinions. STOP eating the balloon, Amelia. 
Trying not to look at Amelia while she grins after probably doing something naughty. 
Family selfie. 
Daddy and Samantha selfie. 
Mommy and Amelia selfie. 

A picnic dinner at the park ended our evening. 

I take that back. After-dinner games of “Tackle/Attack Mommy” ended our evening. 
If that’s the only chance I get to cuddle 60 pounds of toddler sweetness before they scamper off at lightning speed to play, I’ll take it. 
Lots of love, 

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  1. Wow, what a bunch of fun activities! Your girls are so cute. And tall! That's coming from the mother of a leggy 45 inch tall 4 year old. Also: family selfies are the best. 🙂
    Oh, and Rose has those white and navy striped leggings with orange hearts on them too!

    • Yes– they've almost always been in the hundredth percentile– I'm thinking future volleyball players? Your littles are crazy tall too, which I guess makes sense, since you are soooo tall! Your family/mom and baby selfies always inspire me to put myself in more of the photos! Haha– I LOVE those leggings! Darling!