Sister Slumber Party

Theme of the week: feeling tired and cranky! For two nights in a row, Amelia has awoken us at 2 a.m., screaming bloody murder. The culprit: Samantha, who has been climbing into her crib for a sister sleepover party. Because what’s the point of having a twin if you can’t have a slumber party? Amelia apparently didn’t get the memo, because she has not been amused with her sister, who thinks the whole thing is hilarious.  
By the time we got to their room, they were so riled up, that it took until 4 a.m. to get them back to sleep. If we take them both back to our bedroom, they just keep each other (and us) awake, so I took Amelia to the master bedroom with me while Jake took Samantha to the guest bedroom. Last night, when Jake tucked Samantha in the guest bed, she pushed him out and vehemently told him she didn’t want him there.  About five minutes later, we could hear cries of “Dada! Dada!” and the whole game would start again. She’s a master jokester, that one. 
 Since I’m normally up way early (not 2 a.m. early), after a desperately tired, but restless Amelia has finally fallen asleep at 4 a.m., I’ve been getting up for the day instead of sleeping in. Good thing I’m able to take a nap in the afternoon with the girls or else I would be a complete zombie. Takes me back to the twinfant days when we were up for feedings every two/three hours for two and a half months and were tired/cranky/hating life all the time.  Jake and I promised each other we wouldn’t hold a grudge against anything said to each other in bouts of crankiness during that period of time, and we are re-invoking that carte blanche this week. What happens in the middle of the night with twins stays in the middle of the night. 
Despite sleeping in a little past their normal wake-up time, their late-night partying has made for some cranky girls during the day. I’m talking complete meltdowns over not being able to zip up their own hoodies, epic fights over identical toys, throwing tantrums over brushing teeth, and collapsing in fits of rage over not being able to reach the water fountain.   
Samantha the party girl: 

Poor Amelia!

Toddler beds are on order and should be here soon. Not sure if that will fix or compound the problem! Based on their attachments to the guest room bed and our master bed, we’re hoping the girls will be so excited about their big girl beds that they will stay there all night. On the flipside, it might just make it easier for them to party all night long. To be continued. 

Lots of love, 


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