Piggies and Paws

S and A’s favorite part (ok, maybe mine) about any holiday is all the crafts that come with it. After receiving Valentines from some of their friends, the girls wanted to make their own. As much as the girls enjoyed the feeling of sticking their piggies and paws into paint, it was too messy/complicated to take pictures during the actual painting phase, so here are some of the final works of (he)art: 
Samantha’s handprint flamingoes. 
Amelia’s footprint ladybug. 
Samantha inspects Amelia’s valentine from Parker. 
Pulling every single sticker off. 
We’ve had the Valentines the girls made/received hanging up in the family room this month and the girls loved seeing all handiwork. 

I have no idea what this Valentine’s thing is all about…all I know is that it’s cool getting little pieces of paper with treats on them for no good reason. 


Just when I was feeling overwhelmed with the amount of baby and toddler stuff we’ve accumulated, I now have folders of artwork from the girls that are quickly being filled. Watch me end up on Hoarders. Just watch.

What to keep? What not to keep? I know it’s only going to get worse in Elementary school!
Lots of love, 

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