My funny Valentine(s)

Valentine’s 2015 would not be complete without taking 683,719 pictures, give or take. I promise I tried to pare it back…
It’s a shame my girls have NO personality. NONE. 

Give me some sugar. 



This is what they do when we start singing “Row, row, row your boat.” 

(Not so) gently down the stream…

Finally! Green smoothie popsicles as promised. 

Wait…there’s kale in this? 
Whatevs. It’s tasty. 
Samantha’s just getting started. 

Hehe…successfully bribed mommy to get a popsicle…again. 

The brains behind operation “I’ll let you take my picture if I get a treat.” 

Just the girls. 

Samantha makes a run for it. 

Amelia (Mama’s Girl Extraordinaire) is always content to stay in my lap. 
Try it, mommy, it’s good!

Samantha (a.k.a. Daddy’s Little Princess). 

 My three Valentines. 

We love Daddy. 

Kissing attack. 

There’s something about Daddy that turns these girls into wild little monkeys. Same reason Jake can’t ever successfully get the girls to bed on time– he does not have a calming effect on them. 

Singing in my microphone. 

 Just try and wipe my face off. I dare you. 
Why does Amelia always have that mischievous glint in her eye? I feel bad for her future teachers. 


 Union contract is up. We’re taking our popsicles elsewhere. 

Happiness= cold treats with my BFF. 

How to tell the twins apart. (Relatively) clean face: Amelia.

How in the world does she get so messy? Samantha. 
Happy Valentine’s!
Lots of love, 


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