February beach day

Just a weekday at the beach…in February. 

Originally, we had planned on going with a few neighbor friends, but everyone’s kids started not napping/acting up/getting cranky at the last minute and had to bail. The girls and I went anyway! Somehow, the beach is just more fun when it’s a random Thursday afternoon. 

Amelia loves to play the “Smash Sammy’s sand castle game.” 

At one point, S and A decided to dip their toes in the waves and got a little too close…multiple people ran up to me to help as a huge wave surprised us and I had to hang on to both girls’ wrists for dear life as the tide rolled out (plus my phone, which was wedged in between my elbow and ribs).  Thank you, random beach strangers!

Both girls were screaming their heads off, but we managed to hold our ground as the wave creeped back into the ocean so we could make a run for it. Soaked from the waist down, it took a few minutes of cuddling in our towels and clothing changes for the girls to calm down.

S and A spent the rest of the evening safe in their beach tent, munching away on “dinner” (cut up cheese, turkey, fruit and veggies).  Based on the fact that they wanted to go back in the water about five minutes later, I’m guessing they’re not traumatized by the experience.

Later in the evening, Jake met up with us on his way home from work. Daddy to the rescue!

The girls refused to leave his side for a minute. 

What a silly goose. 
Samantha reluctantly accepts her consolation prize of sitting on mommy’s shoulders since Daddy’s were occupied. 
Watching the sun go down and savoring every moment. What I wouldn’t give to understand the conversations these two have with each other. 

Give me dinner at the beach any day and I’ll give you one relaxed and happy mama.

Lots of love,


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