Face plant

 Sunday park fun!
During dance class, the girls pretty much just stand and watch the teacher (or cling to my legs). Often, we’ll get home and the girls will all of a sudden practice what they saw in class. Evidence that Amelia can do an arabesque:
Pssst….I’ve got a secret…I borrowed your outfit. 
Why we will NOT be taking birthday photos of Amelia this year: 


Yup, there was blood. And more blood. And lots of tears.

I’m hoping two weeks is enough time for Amelia’s nose to heal– she currently has a massive scab and scrapes all over her poor little button of a nose.

After witnessing Amelia face plant, Samantha was pretty upset herself. Sometimes  I feel like one of those National Geographic photographers who takes pictures of a cheetah devouring some poor antelope. I figure I need to record the good, the bad and the ugly or else it’s not really authentic journalism, right?


Lots of love,


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