Double the Fun on Valentine’s

Nothing could make my Valentine’s Day more sweet than spending it with my two sweet ladies and our amazing gent. Except for maybe an extra hour of sleep and breakfast in bed compliments of Jake and Samantha. Thanks, guys!
Yippee! It’s Valentine’s Day!
Because OF COURSE I like to wear my hat when it’s 80 degrees by 10 a.m. and refuse to wear it when it’s actually cold outside. 
After Jake and Samantha’s artfully crafted pancake breakfast, we showed our love for all of our twin and triplet friends at our Saddleback Moms of Multiples Club Valentine’s event. It’s always funny hanging out with a group of twin and triplet moms because we can all commiserate with the twin potty training tales, sleepless nights, and twin toddler tantrums (except for the triplet moms– we all pretty much bow down to them and tell them they are our heroes).  
An added bonus is that no one cares that I had several fingerprint-sized stains on my shirt and hadn’t washed my hair in a week. Been there. Get it. 
Now that the girls are almost two, it’s fun to be on the other side of twin babyhood when talking with all the moms of newborn twins. It seems so long ago that I barely remember it, other than lots of crying (from all of us), some adorable outfits, lots of cuddles and utter exhaustion.
First t-ball lesson. 

I wasn’t finished yet!

Amelia gives the ball a nice whacking. 

Don’t ever trust Amelia with an oversized bat behind her sister. 

Moving on to hula hoops. 

And balls. 

And chalk. 
And crafting. 

Samantha learned what Valentine’s is all about: chocolate and more chocolate. 

The club had a Bingo/Scavenger Hunt game going on where some of us were asked to wear Valentine’s themed accessories which matched up with pictures on people’s Bingo cards. The object was to get to know new people by having to go up to them and ask their name in order to get the squares signed off for prizes. Hence my headband.

To my extreme annoyance, the weather decided to completely skip over spring and head straight to summer this week– we had several days in the upper eighties, including Saturday. Even after lathering them up with sunscreen, the girls were pretty flushed after our morning in the sun.

Samantha and Amelia’s first cake walk. 

Walking around in circles to music? My kind of activity. 

Amelia actually won one of the prizes in the cake walk– a gift certificate to a spa for me! Thanks, Amelia! I’ll have to use you as my good luck charm more often. 

After a morning of sports, cake walks, crafts, food and friends, the girls spotted the playground on our way out and, although completely exhausted, mustered up enough energy for some twin playtime.

Teeter-totter reserved for twin two-year-olds only. 
Baby vogue. 
Rosy cheeks and aviator glasses. It’s a thing. 

Amelia’s last hurrah before erupting into over-tired fits of crying. 

Just one more slide– pleeeeeeeease!

The car ride home twenty minutes of over-tired hysteria aside, I had a lovely Valentine’s with my three loves. 
Lots of love, 

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