Bedtime shenanigans

Toddler beds update: I have now relinquished all bedtime duties and am experimenting with handing them over to Jake. This gives me an hour at night to relax and veg for a little bit before going to bed and also gives the girls some quality time with Jake, whom they don’t see a whole lot. This week has been so nice as once 6:30 p.m. (time to start the bedtime routine) hits, I feel like I am off the clock.

The downside to this is that now Jake is leaving for work well before the girls wake up in the morning, which means they don’t see him at breakfast and I’m in charge of any early-morning wake-ups. Still, being able to read a story or two with the girls, kiss them goodnight and LEAVE while Jake handles all the potty trips, changing into pajamas, brushing teeth, fifteen million more stories, and other bedtime logistics has been worth it– particularly when I’ve just spent the whole day “in charge” and am ready to not see the girls until morning. We are still experimenting with the new system and will see how things progress.

As I mentioned before, the girls typically don’t calm down well with Jake (a.k.a. “Daddy Disneyland”) at nighttime and just want to play, but they’ve sloooowly been getting used to the new routine and falling asleep without a problem. They’ve also almost mastered staying in their beds and not waking up until morning. When asked how they’ve learned to become such big girls, S and A respond with a little eye-rolling and shout, “TWO!” (As in, “We’re TWO, dummies. Basically adults.”)

Post-breakfast and bath morning sister talk (using packets of floss as phones, because why not?):

Of course, there’s still a good deal of silliness before settling down to bed, but what else do you expect when you’re two and share a room with your best friend?

Samantha got sick of Amelia and retreated to her own fort: 


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