Utah Christmas 2014 Recap Part II

More adventures in Utah continued as Jake, Grandma Jolene and the girls let mommy stay home and have a little peace and quiet (I actually read a book–heaven!) while they explored the Bean Museum and Toddler Town. From what it sounded like, Jake and my mom spent most of their time keeping S and A from climbing over the ropes and petting the taxidermy. 
After sledding and building snowmen, S and A were pretty much over the beautiful snow. Anytime I so much as got them suited up in their gear, they would start crying pitifully and whimpering, “Coooooooold!” These California girls are used to being outside everyday, so finding indoor activities to keep them occupied proved challenging. 
Fortunately, the novelty of Grandma’s house and the new toys, the rocking horse, the piano, and Uncle Mike’s camping hammock, to name a few, lasted throughout our stay. When the girls got cabin fever, one of our favorite places to take them was the new Provo Rec center. While I worked out, Jake supervised the girls in the rec center’s play place; but next trip, we will remember to bring their swim suits so they can try out the indoor waterpark there instead. 
The Museum of Curiosity was such a hit, we explored it twice during our stay– once with Grandma Jolene and once with Aunt Juliette. 
After drenching herself in the water exhibit, Samantha dried off with Daddy in the hurricane simulator, discovered she weighed 77,265 grasshoppers, fed the bunnies, and did some gardening. 
The girls were fascinated for a solid 30 minutes at the laundry exhibit, pushing the buttons and watching the clothes go round and round. Genius. Pure genius. 
Originally, Jake had planned a one-day getaway for our anniversary, which I nixed due to already being tired from the journey to Utah and my cold-weather induced laziness. Reservations at Sundance were also canceled as the girls had a hard time getting to sleep that night. 
Instead, we were spontaneously driving in downtown American Fork on our way to see Into the Woods, when we spotted this bungalow-looking house that happened to be a dessert place called Slurp. It was pretty random, but a fun find. It felt like you were hanging out at your hipster friend’s place as they had left the rooms of the house, the fireplace, the couches, and everything home-y intact. 
We couldn’t get over how yummy the flavored hot chocolates and sugar cookies were and the place had a unique feel– something we are not used to where we live. I’m always telling Jake how much I wish we had a place in California you could go to at night just to get homemade desserts like brownies, cookies, flavored hot chocolates (not just a coffee shop or ice cream place). A very spontaneous, but really fun anniversary!
Blast from the past. Some of my high school friends miraculously worked out their different schedules to meet for a short time and catch up.  S and A chatted with Alec, Ava, Beckham, Olivia, Lincoln, Liam, Blake and June, (catch my breath), while Sarah, Crysta, Zuleika and I tried our best to have a conversation over the noise of ten kids. This was S and A’s first time meeting Blake and June, but now that they’ve all met, we’ll leave the kids at home and go out just us next time around. 
Like mama, like daughter.
Aquarium Round Two: this time with Aunt Sarah, Uncle Mike and his girlfriend, Ali. No bonked heads this time and the girls were just as fascinated as their last visit. A new favorite discovery was a ramp leading down from the penguins. We’ve decided to hold the girls’ next birthday party there (not in the whole aquarium– just on the ramp), based on the amount of time they gleefully spent running up and down. 
Kangaroo Zoo bounce place was also a new discovery and the girls loved showing off their jumping skills for Grandma Jolene. 
I give this place five starts for the big, comfy massage chairs in the “Parent Zone.” 

I wish we had known before traveling around to all these places that the best bounce house of all was right there at Grandma’s!

Hours of Jumping. Diving. Giggling. 

The best things in life really are free.

Lots of love, 

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