Two beach babes and a little dude

It seems way too soon to be looking at buying new summer gear for the girls, but with the crazy warm temperatures this weekend, I found myself wishing I had taken advantage of last year’s end-of-summer sales. The girls’ swimsuits from last summer don’t fit anymore and I haven’t gotten around to buying them new ones since it hasn’t been warm enough for the pool or beach. However, with perfect weather and Cousin Noah here to visit, spending an afternoon at the Baby Beach in Dana Point was just too good to pass up– swimsuits or no swimsuits. 
Samantha gave us her best I AM SO ANNOYED RIGHT NOW look as we forced all the littles to pose for some pictures. Amelia was enthralled with Noah…
…Until I held him! She went crazy, which is not surprising, considering she is a mama’s girl. Samantha, on the other hand, will throw a fit if Daddy is holding anyone else (including me). At least we both get a twin who loves us more! 

Noah at 6 months with the cutest penguin fuzz hair there ever was. 
Allison, Zack, Noah, Me, Samantha and Amelia (Jake was at home slaving away at installing our upstairs flooring). 

Hey there, cuz!
After some picture taking, the girls headed straight for the water–er–mud. 
S and A opted to go pants-less after diving in the water. 

 Baby core workout and mud tasting by Amelia. 
The girls were confused as to why Baby Noah couldn’t join in the snacking, especially when he was obviously eyeing those crackers. 
That smile!

I’m game for dinner at the beach every night. 

The girls even made a random friend, Jackson, who decided to sit down and join their picnic. 

S and A were exhausted and had a world-record quick bedtime that night as a result of doing this all afternoon: 
Lots of love, 

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