More Christmas Day Memories

Man, returning from vacation is just not fun. The unpacking. The laundry. The near-constant cries for “Dada!!!!!!!” anytime the girls don’t get what they want from me. The post-travel colds (because it makes total sense the girls would get sick coming back to 75 degree weather after spending two weeks in arctic chill).

While we ever-so-sloooowly attempt to get back into the swing of things, I’ll be here reminiscing about the good times that were had (AKA, photo dump ahead). Thank you, Aunt Sarah, for taking pictures on Christmas Day so that I could sit back and enjoy!

Today’s the day– and those presents have “Amelia” written all over them. 

Hey sis. Trade you for that drink. 

Not a chance!

Tee hee. 

I woke up with a terrible (and completely random) migraine the morning of Christmas, so I stayed in bed while the rest of family had breakfast and opened stockings. Understandably, I’m sure the girls didn’t miss me much.

Um, thanks Santa, for my stocking and this….bear?

Aunt Sarah’s dog, Roger, patiently awaits opening his gift. Can I get a little help here? 
Amelia to the rescue. 
Like I mentioned in my other Christmas post, Amelia was not shy about opening (everyone’s) presents. 
Samantha sat back and took it all in. 

The girls got Daddy a personalized board book (filled with pictures of them, of course). 


Dada’s so busy looking at the tools he got in his stocking, he won’t even notice his favorite chocolate orange has gone missing…

My little snugglebunny Samantha. 
Amelia ripped that paper off with gusto. 

Stomp rocket = hours of entertainment. 

Who knew someone could get so excited over a garbage truck? 

There’s only room for one scooter girl in this town. 

Can I help you with that, Grammy? 
So much unwrapping, so little time. 

The girls refused to take off their monogrammed necklaces that Aunt Sarah hand-beaded. With such cool accessories, they are well on the path to becoming the world’s first twin toddler hip hop crew/rappers.

Hey guys, I’m ready for Christmas dinner and a swig of that Martinelli’s. Where is everyone? 

Lots of love,


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