Five reasons this week was crazy (and St. George recap)

Five reasons this week was crazy: 

1. Samantha and Amelia (duh).
2. I finally had my tooth implant procedure done! Back when I was a teenager, my last baby tooth fell out, but there was no permanent tooth underneath. Ever since, I’ve had to wear a retainer on my bottom teeth which has a little fake tooth attached to it to fill in the space the baby tooth left. I went in for part one of the tooth implant procedure this week- a three hour operation in which my dentist drilled into my jawbone and ever-so-precisely wedged in a tiny screw using a tool that looked and sounded exactly like one of those auto-repair ratchets. I felt like I was a robot!
I have something like this in my jaw right now. Ouch!
It will take three months for the bone around the screw to calcify into it, at which point I can go back and get my new tooth placed. They didn’t put me out for the surgery, but just gave me a shot to numb the left side of my mouth. The procedure was similar to my c-section in that I couldn’t help but be amazed that THEY WERE DRILLING INTO MY BONE and yet I couldn’t feel a thing. 
The really fun part was that since the left side of my jaw was numb, I looked and talked like I had just had a stroke. Eating was out of the question for most of the day, too. Thank you, Blendtec, for saving the day. 
Once the numbness wore off later in the afternoon, I discovered drilling deep into your jawbone is a pretty big deal. Like, significant pain kind of deal.  I’m on some hardcore painkilling drugs, but man, does my jaw still throb! My dentist called me on his way home to make sure I was doing ok that evening, and I told him it felt like I had both lost a boxing match and that my opponent had sliced into my teeth/tongue/cheeks with a knife. If teething feels anything akin to this, I have renewed sympathy for my girls!
3. Sleep deprivation. On top of my jaw killing me, I haven’t been getting much sleep as Samantha has woken up screaming multiple nights this week. Now that the potty is her BFF, she can’t STAND going in her diaper at night– and will LOUDLY let us know about it. 
Last night was actually pretty tame. We heard her on the monitor around 4 a.m., saying “poo poo” over and over again and when Jake went to check it out, he found her sitting in Amelia’s crib. As soon as we put her on the potty, she went pee (she hasn’t quite got the difference down between the two yet) and then happily went back to bed. I have no idea what to do about the situation, other than cut back on the amount of water and milk she has before bed (a battle of its own). 
4. More potty adventures. This morning, I was hanging up the girls’ towels while they, as per usual, ran naked into the playroom. When I entered five seconds later, I discovered that Samantha had pooped on the carpet! No idea why she didn’t just run to the potty on her way to the playroom, but toddlers don’t have the best decision-making skills, apparently. 
Not only did she poop on the carpet, some of it inexplicably got all over her doll high chair (my theory is that once she realized she had to go, she squatted on the high chair) and it was all over her legs (but not her hands, so she hadn’t touched or smeared it). 
This wasn’t just regular toddler poo either– this was some kind of paranormal, sticky, tar-like substance that pretty much melted into the carpet, no matter what I did. I have picture evidence that I texted Jake, but I’ll do everyone a favor and not post those. 
So, I spent the morning cleaning up Samantha, bleaching the tub, disinfecting the doll high chair (which I almost threw away, it was so disgusting), and trying in vain to treat the stains in our carpet. Bandit watched nearby, gloating in the fact that he’s now one up on the girls for never having had this bad of an accident. 
 Thank goodness for two mom’s night outings with some friends this week, or I think I would have checked into the mental hospital. 
Life lesson: Put the post-bath diapers on immediately. Towels can wait.
5. Construction. Since we had planned to install new flooring upstairs this year anyway, Jake and I decided Samantha’s christening of the carpet was the perfect opportunity to rip it out and put in some kind of wood. That’s what we’ll be up to at Casa Whitehead the next few weekends. 
Since I haven’t been blogging much due to the aforementioned catastrophes, the last little part of our Utah trip went un-documented. I’m too brain-dead to come up with an overall theme or storyline to wrap up our trip, so here’s a bunch of pictures and captions!
After nearly ten days of fun at Grandma and Grandpa’s in Utah, we left for home after the girls had fallen asleep. We stopped in St. George for the night and stayed with Jake’s brother, Jarom, and his family who were vacationing in St. George. A big thank you to Jake’s brother, Tyler, for letting us crash at his vacation condo. 
The next day, the girls explored a local Children’s Museum with their cousins, Ethan, Emma, Claire and Cate. 
Do you want to build a snowman? 
Snowball fight!
Cate was a cutie and made sure the girls had help anytime they needed it. 
Or wanted to dress up. 
Frozen fun. 
Amelia kidnapped Olaf. 
It’s always nice when there’s free entertainment. 
Amelia enjoyed milking this cow a little too much. 
Cousin chilling time. 

We attempted to play games, Amelia’s favorite being “Steal All the Checkers.” 

Samantha was more partial to the card games. 
Hit me!

Eating with the big kids. 

Out for ice cream. 

Noodle fight!

Showing off their scooter skills. 

Time to say goodbye!

Noooooo! We don’t want to leave!

S and A were running around, jumping off couches and having tickle wars with their cousins right before we left that night and were super bummed when we had to go. All that excitement helped them fall right to sleep in the car and we enjoyed a peaceful drive the rest of the way home. It was nice to break the trip up into two nights, and have some quality cousin time during the day. 
That’s a wrap!
Lots of love, 

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