A typical Monday

This morning, the girls found a package of water beads in their craft cabinet and brought it to me, begging to make some. We scooped the beads together in a bowl and I let them measure and pour the water with measuring cups (that killed about 20 minutes). 
I set the bowl on top of our low-height buffet table while the beads hydrated and forgot about it (foreshadowing!)
When we got back from gymnastics, I was getting turkey out of the fridge to make lunch, with the girls literally right behind me in the kitchen, when I heard the tell-tale SPLASH and screams from Samantha. 
Yup. Amelia had dumped half the bowl of water and half-formed water beads on Samantha’s head– Gatorade-Dump-On-The-Football-Coach-At-The-End-Of-The-Game style.
Samantha stood there, paralyzed, while Amelia wouldn’t make eye contact and acted like she had no idea what had just happened. I KNOW IT WAS YOU, AMELIA. THERE ARE ONLY TWO OF YOU. 

She did it, Mommy!

Samantha was nice enough to help sister pick up all the beads off the floor. 

Monday morning recap: 
So far, I’ve cleaned up poop from the bathtub (Amelia) and sanitized the tub. C’mon guys– after the poop-extravaganza last week, give me a break!
Tried to calm down Samantha who had a total meltdown at gymnastics for no apparent reason. She finally stopped crying after I took her to the potty and let her get a drink out of the drinking fountain. 
Changed the girls’ clothes two times due to water-related incidents and cleaned up two million squishy water beads off the floor, with the girls’ help. 
And it’s not even 1 p.m. yet!
Lots of love, 

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