Toddler Christmas: Seeing the lights

One of our favorite Christmas activities this year has been simply walking around the neighborhood and admiring all the lights and decor. By my calculations, S and A have greeted our beloved Frostys and Rudolphs at least 34 times so far (morning and afternoon walk). Dollies must, of course, join us for each excursion. 

Before going out, we don our winter wear. Sure came in handy last week with the rain and coldfront that moved in (55 degrees).

He may be small, but the girls love coming home to see our little doggie the best. 

The panda slippers crack me up. 

We’ve also taken the girls out to see the lights in some of the nearby neighborhoods, our favorite being Candy Cane Lane in RSM.

The girls could hardly believe their eyes– giant Frostys!

So much going on here; my head hurts!

The animatronic Santa was a little creepy. 

Frosty hot tub. 

Simple and classic. 

Can we move here next year? 

That’s got to be some serious pressure to have an awesome Christmas display if you live in that neighborhood.

Lots of love,


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