Toddler Christmas Day 5: Live Nativity

How are we only single digits away from Christmas? I am desperately behind posting updates on our 25 Days of Toddler Christmas because all of our festive fun has left us absolutely pooped by the end of the day. 
Last week, I lost my voice completely for three days (Jake had a cold the week prior and I’m sure the lack of sleep didn’t help me fight it off…thankfully, the girls have been fine) and so we decided to slow down, rest and recuperate this weekend (and by rest, I mean we only had one place to go per day). We may not be able to check everything off our bucket list, but everyone is finally healthy and the girls are having fun regardless– a win, in my book. 
Here we go with our Christmas activities catch-up. 
A few weekends ago, we met up with the Wrights at the nearby Live Nativity put on by the city. Samantha and Amelia were tired (we were encroaching dangerously close to their bedtime), but were excited to see all the animals (and take sips of mommy and daddy’s hot chocolate, of course). 
The sheep were S and A’s favorite.
I loved seeing these huge camels, especially having just finished the book, Tracks, written by a woman who crossed 1,700 miles of Australian outback alone with camels and her dog. 

“Babyyyyyyy!” yelled Samantha and Amelia continuously while viewing the Baby Jesus. 

A nice lady stopped and offered to take our picture because she thought it was adorable how the girls were feeding each other. 

Hard to believe that this time last year, Maliyah was 10 months old, Samantha and Amelia were 9 months, and Allie hadn’t even arrived yet. So glad the cuatro amigos could enjoy a Christmas activity together this year.

The Live Nativity will definitely make it onto next year’s bucket list– maybe by then, the girls will be able to last for the entire show!

Lots of love,


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