Toddler Christmas Day 3: Let there be light

One of Jake’s items on our Christmas bucket list was to have S and A help him with putting up the lights on the outside of the house. Some of our lights from last year didn’t last, so it was off to Lowe’s where the girls helped Daddy pick out some more decor. 

Of course they had to bring home this giant doggie. 
It was pouring rain when Jake put up the lights, so Amelia and Samantha stood back to direct him.

Getting bored.

Rain shmain. Daddy’s fine without us. Detour to the park!

Does this mean I get coal in my stocking this year? 
Back inside to accomplish more important things…like accessorizing. 
Love my new bracelet!
Despite the rain and lack of help from the girls, Jake did eventually put up the lights. Bonus– the girls can’t get to them (yet).

Lots of love,


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