Toddler Christmas Day 2: Tree (Un) Decorating

I love the smell of fresh pine and even though we’ve never actually stayed at home for Christmas (we’ve gone to Utah every year that we’ve been married), we’ve gotten a tree nearly every year. Last year, S and A were too little (9 months) to care much about anything Christmas-related, but this year, I had high hopes that the girls would feel the magic of decorating our very own tree a few days after Thanksgiving. 
Our “magical” tree experience didn’t turn out so magical. 
Guess I can’t blame them for being terrified of the bearded man wielding a chain saw. 
On a happier note, there were photo ops. Can you spot the twin? 


S and A didn’t seem too shocked/surprised/in awe over the fact that we were bringing a tree inside the house. They pretty much just accepted it as just another weird thing that grown-ups do. 
We’ve gone through various phases of tree decorating over the past two weeks. We did the lights without S and A there and then they helped with the ornaments. 

Thanks, Amelia!

Next ornament, please. 

Can I get a ladder? 
Our ornaments lasted approximately one day before the girls realized it was much more fun to take them off than put them on. There’s a reason why there are no longer any ornaments on the first 36 inches. I laugh every time I see our sad-looking tree!

Reason #59 why we don’t turn on the Christmas tree lights while S and A are awake: 
At least the girls will be good helpers when it’s time to take the tree down…
Too much blue over here; I’m moving this one. 
Same with the gold. Who decorated this thing, anyways? 

Amelia was content to have a picnic in a box with Mr. Lamb while Samantha did the bulk of the tree un-decorating. 

Soccer balls!

Oooooh can I decorate this one too? 

Start toddler-proofing the Christmas tree back home, Grandma!

The girls are in bed. All is calm. All is right. 

Lots of love,


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