Toddler Christmas: Santa’s Village

Since our first visit with Santa at Pretend City didn’t turn out spectacularly, we subjected the girls to more torture by taking them for Santa Visit #2 at Mission Viejo’s Santa’s Village. We met up with our friends The Nguyens and the Hossfelds, and the girls seemed a bit braver with their friends around. 
Samantha dances to Jingle Bells. 

Addison was the perfect entertainer of the girls while we waited in line. 

Parker and Samantha jam out to more Christmas carols. 

Phi is a genius and brought little goodie bags for all the kids which totally kept the girls busy while we waited. A lifesaver!

Before meeting Santa, we were assigned an elf who led us up to Santa and took our picture. Even though our elf was the sweetest little 10-year-old, the girls were not pleased. 

Hold me, sister!

And the award for most awkward Santa photo ever goes to…

Seriously, I feel like this needs to by printed on an Awkward Family Christmas Photos holiday card or something. We explained to Mrs. Clause and Santa that the likelihood of the girls sitting quietly on Santa’s lap was 0%, so he told us just to sit down on their laps with the girls. Um….ok…

A Christmas miracle! Amelia sat with Santa COMPLETELY BY HERSELF without screaming. The candy cane definitely helped. 

Mrs. Clause was as shocked as we were!

After visiting Santa, the kids ran around Santa’s village, admiring his handiwork.

Samantha calls gingerbreads, “Gingy” à la Shrek. 

Our best attempt at taking a picture of Addison, Camdyn, Parker and the girls. 
S and A’s faces and vests became increasingly sticky and red as the night progressed. 
Sticky faces. 
The girls’ favorite holiday character is Frosty– there are a ton of blow-up Frosty’s in our neighborhood and the girls squeal, “Frostyyyyyyyy!” whenever we walk by them. 
Best moment of Amelia’s life so far: meeting a real-life Frosty. 

And bonus Rudolph! 
Shortest bedtime ever– the girls were zonked after their exciting night out. Thanks for a fun outing, friends! 

Lots of love,


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