Thanksgiving II

After running the Turkey Trot and taking a long nap, we ate our own Thanksgiving dinner before packing up when the girls fell asleep for the night and heading out to Aunt Linda and Uncle David’s for Second Thanksgiving!
When the girls awoke the next morning, they were pleasantly surprised to find all sorts of interesting new desert creatures!
S and A were entertained pushing their dollies around the yard and saying hi to Rusty the Ram, the cat and dog, the tiki, the flamingos and the turtles. 
And don’t forget Santa!
So nice to hang out with cousins Jack, Eleri and Rhys, who were great entertainers of the girls. 
Jack and Jake played cards most of the time, with the girls joining in for 52 pickup. 
The girls wanted to show Aunt Linda all their toys. 
Now we know where the girls’ crazy hair comes from! Sorry about the screaming, Great Uncle Johnny.
Scooter gang. 
If only this place had a park…

Amelia’s wish was granted. Before dinner, we walked over to the girls’ new favorite park. The stagecoach was by far the girls’ (and everyone’s) favorite climbing structure.

The horse was a close second. The kids had fun pretending it was sinking in quick sand. 
I could be entertained for hours watching Amelia try and walk straight after spinning in this thing. 
Thrill junkie. 
The Day After Thanksgiving Dinner! 
Samantha’s favorite new condiment: horseradish. She couldn’t stop dipping her fingers in it!
After such a yummy dinner, we were almost too stuffed for pie. Almost. After gorging on dessert, everyone went into a post-Thanksgiving coma and conked out for the night. Thanks for preparing that huge meal, Aunt Linda, Uncle David and Aunt Annie!
Despite Samantha and Amelia waking up crying several times that night, they were raring to go by the morning.


 S and A hired Rhys and Eleri to drive the stagecoach across the desert for them. 


So nice to spend some quality time with Daddy. The girls wouldn’t let go of him!

Climbing Everest a four-foot rock wall. 

Entertain us, Great Uncle David!

Cousin fun. 

Samantha of Arabia. 
Before saying goodbye, the kids helped put up Christmas decorations. 
It’s been fun starting to teach S and A all the Christmas vocabulary. They caught onto “reindeer,” “Santa,” and “snowman” pretty quickly. 
Eleri had to teach the girls how to put up the Christmas decals on the windows properly. S and A’s first inclination was to eat them.  
Cousin love!

After all the excitement, we packed up and the girls napped the entire way home. Fun was had by all, memories were made, and it was so nice to see the girls bonding with family. A huge thank you to our hosts, Great Aunt Linda and Great Uncle David! We hope all those fingerprints on the windows washed off nicely and that your flamingoes aren’t permanently damaged!

Lots of love,


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