Santa Fail #1 (and bonus balloon ride)

Honest moment: I think forcing kids to stand in line and meet Santa/sit on his lap is so creepy! It’s one of those parenting things I always said I’d never do pre-twins (along with letting S and A watch TV, eat sweets, the list goes on…) and yet, when push came to shove, I gave in. So when Pretend City announced they were having a Member’s Only Breakfast with Santa, I threw all my standards out the door and voluntarily stood in line with the rest of the crazy parents. Where is my resolve? 
Keeping S and A occupied while Mommy stood in line. Thankfully, it wasn’t a long wait since it was early in the morning and the place was closed to the public. 

Santa picture fail #1. Apparently, Santa’s elves cannot frame a picture. 

We had zero expectations of the girls posing with Santa on their own without freaking out and opted to hold them next to Santa instead. Although the girls did indeed protest (quite vehemently), they calmed down once an elf gave the girls candy canes. So, to recap, not only am I teaching the girls that it’s ok to take pictures with strange fat guys in red suits, I’m rewarding them for doing so by accepting candy from said fat guy. Again, where are my standards? Must be the magic of Christmas getting to me.

THAT was traumatizing. Except for the candy cane.

This Santa thing isn’t so bad after all! Rescind my court order for toddler emancipation.

Why didn’t you tell me there’d be pancakes? 

The quietest moment of my day: 

As a reward for not maiming Santa, we let the girls run around for an hour. 

Meticulously setting the table. 

Queen Samantha in her royal carriage. 

Pulled by Cinder-Amelia. 

Changing of the guard. 

I could hug this little girl forever.
Since we were already in Irvine, we swung by the OC Great Park’s balloon to see if it was open. Despite my repeated requests for Jake to call ahead, we’ve spontaneously attempted a balloon ride several times, but it’s always been closed because of wind. This time, we hit it just right!

Up, up and away!

The girls were absolutely giddy pointing out all the tiny cars and people. It must have felt nice to be taller than everyone for a change. 

Best day ever!
The balloon wasn’t on our Christmas bucket list, but we had a blast and I’m glad we went. Kudos to Jake for being the spontaneous one in the group. Our morning with Santa didn’t turn out to be so bad after all!

Lots of love,


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