Recipe for a perfect weekend

The rest of our Thanksgiving weekend was low key, rounding off with a quick trip to Laguna Beach. It was freezing (i.e. 60 degrees for you non-Californian folk), so we didn’t stay too long. 
Soooooooo cold and windy! We’re moving to Florida ASAP.

Our reason for the beach trip was to see my friend, Kati, who was visiting SoCal from DC with her family. We’ve visited Kati before in DC and have visited whenever we’re both in Utah, so it was fun to hang out in our territory for a change.

Just another one to add to Samantha’s screaming collection. 

Kati and I were supposed to do a girls’ night after the beach, but after putting the girls to bed, I realized my car wouldn’t start. Because of course this happens the one night I have plans.

 My SUV is a hybrid and Jake didn’t know exactly what was wrong at first, but thankfully, all it needed was a new battery. Phew! In case you are wondering, I couldn’t drive Jake’s car because it’s a stick shift, and I’m embarrassed to say that I can’t drive it (trust me, Jake has tried numerous times to teach me)!

 I was so disappointed not being able to go out with Kati since her time in Cali was short, but luckily, she was able to squeeze out an hour the next day where we walked around the park and caught up on old times. It’s so fun to stay in touch with high school friends over the years, especially ones who have interesting jobs (she works at Gallaudet in DC) and are published authors. What a rock star!

Meanwhile, Samantha and Amelia had the time of their lives with Daddy. Because swings are awesome.

Fun times with friends and a low-key weekend were just what we needed after a very busy Thanksgiving!

Lots of love,


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  1. This was so amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time!!