Dreaming of a White Christmas 2014

All week long, the forecasts had predicted a 100% chance of a white Christmas– they didn’t disappoint!
Just for nostalgia’s sake– Amelia, Christmas 2013:
Samantha, Christmas 2013:
The girls were such BABIES last year, I can hardly stand it!


Instead of attempting to eat their presents this year, S and A totally got the hang of the whole present unwrapping thing.


Amelia stakes out her place in front of the tree.


I have a feeling this one’s mine!


Being silly.


Even Bandit was excited to open gifts. Christmas 2014:
Deja vu! Bandit, Christmas 2013:


Helping themselves to someone’s chocolate orange.


We kept Christmas simple this year– Santa had already brought the girls a Pottery Barn Play Kitchen set and a play roller coaster before we left, so we just got them a small present each, plus some little stocking stuffers and another simple present each from Santa. Even with the simplified gift-giving, it sure seemed like the girls were totally spoiled with presents (ahem, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Sarah and extended family). Due to the ridiculous gift-surplus, we will definitely be re-wrapping some of the gifts for their birthday (but don’t tell the girls that!)
I–erm– Santa found these adorable animal blankies at Costco three months ago. So fuzzy!


We wrapped Samantha up in her bunny blankie and she just walked around like this for twenty minutes, happy as a clam.


Showing Aunt Sarah their loot.


Transportation was a big theme this year, with the girls receiving lots of trains, cars, and random vehicles.


Samantha was content to sit back and watch, while Amelia made sure she helped unwrap all the presents– even if they weren’t her own.


Thank you, Jack, Eleri and Rhys for the amazing scooters! This was probably their favorite gift this year.
Twin Scooter Gang: coming to a neighborhood near you, January 2015.


Amelia wasted no time setting up a luncheon with her new tableware while we finished present opening.
Thank you, Aunt Sarah, for making us these rad beaded initial necklaces. All that work you’ve been doing with the Shoshone tribespeople is definitely paying off!

The girls had a blast opening presents and couldn’t wait to play with everything…after naps, that is.


Naps over and ready to review the loot again.
Reading the book the girls made for Grandma and Grandpa– starring them!
The girls loved playing in their igloo…indoors.


S and A got Daddy an RC helicopter and the trio spent the afternoon flying it around the house. Bandit went crazy after it, even when Samantha flew it straight into his face.


By day’s end, the girls were so pooped, they didn’t even get to try Aunt Sarah’s famous Buche de Noel. More for the rest of us.

It was exciting to see S and A actually “get” Christmas a little bit more this year. After a month packed with holiday activities, Christmas Day turned out to be a nice, relaxing time to wind down and simply have fun with the girls and family. The only sad part was knowing this magical time of year was nearly over and that we’d have to wait a whole 365 days to celebrate Christmas: Year Three with the girls. Until we meet again, Christmas!

Lots of love,


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