Baby It’s Cold Outside Playdate

Who says we don’t get snow in Southern California? We decided to bring the snow to us and invite some of Samantha and Amelia’s friends from around the neighborhood over for a Christmas playdate.
Our original date for our Christmas playdate was rain delayed, which was a bummer considering half of our original guests couldn’t make the new date. Despite not all their friends being able to make it, Samantha and Amelia loved hanging out with their buds anyways.
Didn’t get a picture with all the food on the table, but just imagine¬†a lot of food!
Goodie bags ready to go.
Popcorn and hot chocolate bar yumminess.
I made a huge batch of hot chocolate in the crock pot which we kept on warm all evening.
And now for the main attraction: snow!
I needed an excuse to try out the snow machine I bought off a friend who used it for her Frozen party. The “snow” was awesome!
Samantha, Amelia, and some of the littler kids wouldn’t go near the “snow” without us there holding them, but the older kids had a blast.


We had cookie decorating, tons of food inside and a craft that Phi brought for the kids to do, but I don’t think Kaleb and Kole moved from this spot!
Snow angels!


Amelia supervised the boys and manned the “snowcoaster.”

The “snow coaster” was an early Christmas present for Samantha and Amelia since we couldn’t bring it with us to Utah.

With the blizzard going on in the front, cookie decorating kept the littles occupied in the back.


Phi, Parker, Carly and Olivia helped with S and A so I could make sure no one was buried in the avalanche in the front.
Olivia scouts out her next decorating subject.


Phi and the girls discuss their artistic vision for the cookies.
Giggle giggle.
Isaiah and Parker check out the snow sensory bin.
Back in the front, Bandit supervises the craft table.
Our first hot chocolates!
One for me; one for you.
Cookie decorating pros, Rachel and Isabel, helped the girls out with some tips.
Michelle and her cuties.


Reindeer ears? Really?
Peace out– we’re going to enjoy our mozzarella sticks.


Thanks, friends, for coming to our playdate!
Lots of love,

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