25 Days of Toddler Christmas: Day One

Can we talk about the fact that it’s December and I am SO excited about this entire month?

So excited, in fact, that back in the beginning of November, I sat down with my calendar and an event list of local Christmas activities in order to plan out our must-do’s for the holidays. I kept our bucket list simple (decorating our tree, baking cookies, seeing Santa, and the like), and yet there were so many things I wanted to do that I ended up penciling in one event or activity for every day leading up until Christmas.

As Jake would say, I am both the problem and the solution when it comes to my stress levels. By planning simple activities in advance, my hope is that this Christmas will be as stress-free as possible (raised eyebrows and looks of disbelief from Jake). My main goal is not to cram in a bunch of activities just to say we’ve done them– I really want Samantha and Amelia to experience a little of the magic of the season and just make memories together.

If we don’t end up completing everything on our bucket list, we will let it go; however, I’m aiming high in the hopes that S and A really enjoy at least a few of them. We will see how well it works out– or if Jake is right and I become a crazy stress-case!

Day One of our 25 Days of Toddler Christmas was going to see the holiday lights at Fashion Island.

The girls would have taken every single ornament off that tree if given enough time. 
Pulling down lights? What a fun toddler activity!
Fa la la la la!
You work that side; I’ll take on this side. 

Our excursion doubled as a chance to see my friend and fellow twin mom, Katie, who was visiting from Michigan. The last time I saw her two cuties was at Samantha and Amelia’s first birthday, and recently, their little friends turned the big ONE as well (a Teddy Bear Picnic theme– I pretty much died over the cuteness of their invite). I can’t believe how big they are getting!

We loved seeing you, Lizzie and Iris (and you, too, Katie!) 
Amelia got a tad jealous of Daddy holding Iris. 
While Katie and I walked around with her twins, comparing twin mom notes, Jake took the girls shopping. Apparently, they carried these teddy bears all the way through Bloomingdales. 

Only Jake is crazy enough to take these two to the koi pond by himself. 
It was pretty funny getting stopped every few minutes by people showering love over Lizzie and Iris, with me being the observer for a change. Some twin experiences are universal, I guess; although, Katie says it’s a California thing– she hardly ever gets stopped in Michigan. Maybe people are blinded by the cold up there? 
After saying goodbye to Katie, Lizzie and Iris, we met up at Whole Foods for an attempt at eating dinner. A belated apology to the poor soul on clean-up duty that night. 

And last, but not least, a stop at the fountain. 

We are currently taking bets on which twin will be the first to fall in a fountain/pond/body of water. My money is on Samantha. 


Day One of our holiday bucket list was a success (and doubly so because we shared it with our twin friends!)
Lots of love, 

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