Twinspeak caught on tape

I’ve said it before, but Samantha and Amelia love to babble in their twin language all the live long day. As much as I wish I could understand their secret code, I have yet to meet a linguist who can decipher it. I’ve never been able to capture it on camera because the girls only do it for extended periods of time when they don’t think I’m listening. Anytime I whip out the camera to record for posterity, they shut it down.
The girls also have a sixth sense and every time I’ve tried to record them standing outside their nursery, they somehow know I’m there. We don’t have our nursery video monitor set up anymore, so I haven’t been able to use that to capture the girls talking to each other either.
Then, a breakthrough! I usually put the girls in their cribs for 10-15 minutes of “quiet time” right after our morning walk so that I can dry my hair and get ready for the day. For whatever reason, the girls didn’t “sense” me at the door this time. Ignore the sideways phone angle and take a listen to their conversation (I use the term “conversation” liberally as Samantha was doing most of the talking/giggling). Note at 1:10 how Samantha spots me spying on them. And that was the end of that.
Whatever they were talking about, it sounded pretty exciting!
Lots of love,

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  1. Ok, that is just about the CUTEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! I love their little voices!

  2. So adorable!! Good work on the stealth.