Run the race before your stuff your face! Turkey Trot 2014

Thanksgiving Day 2014: Dana Point Turkey Trot. Run the race before you stuff your face! 
We woke up bright and early this morning to make it down to Dana Point for the 5K Turkey Trot. All the roads by the beach were shut down, so we took a shuttle from Dana Hills High School to the race. As per usual, Samantha and Amelia found plenty of things to do while we were waiting for the bus. 
Despite their love for the song, the “Wheels on the Bus” S and A had no love for the actual bus once we got on it. It was hot, the seats were narrow and Samantha had to poop. Sorry about that, everybody!
Strapped in and ready to roll. With the billions of people swarming around dressed in Pilgrim costumes and turkey hats, the girls were pretty confused.
Yes, we wore those headbands the entire time. 
Let the race begin!

Strollers had to be near the back of the pack, so we basically ran with all the other strollers/slow people/people walking. Double strollers unite! Jake and I kept trying to pass people who were moving at a slower pace, but it was pretty hard to navigate– there were over 10,000 people running the race today.

A much better view than my normal running course of pitch black and tail lights. 
Kudos to Jake for running almost the entire thing with the double stroller. I used to go running with the girls in the stroller before it got hot this summer, and I can attest that the extra 100 pounds really makes a difference.  

 Super glad we decided not to do the 10K with the double stroller. 

Right around mile 2.5, Amelia fell asleep and Samantha announced she was done with the whole thing.

Photo finish!
Yes, that is a stroller-turned-Viking ship behind me…so awesome. I definitely wasn’t envious of the mom and dad, who were both sporting Viking attire and wigs/beards. It was 80 degrees outside and HOT.  

So happy to be out of our stroller.

Note to self: if we do this again next year, we are staying at the Marriott so we don’t have to walk up the hill or take the shuttle to our car. We were feeling pretty lazy after the race.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Two little turkeys waiting for the shuttle. 

Samantha and Amelia really worked up quite the appetite with all that strolling.

Fastest twins in the 5K!

 Does this mean we can pig out on turkey now? 
Lots of love, 

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