Prepping for our 50-Miler

HA HA HA. The title of this post is a joke, in case you were wondering. You will never catch me voluntarily hiking 50 miles in this lifetime. We did, however, go on a fun three-mile trek down in the canyon in the back of our house. It might as well have been fifty miles with the load on my back though…a more apt title of this post would be: “On why I will need chiropractic work for the rest of my life.” 
Despite cinching our Kelty Carriers around our hips to the tightest possible configuration, Jake and I both felt a good amount of strain on our shoulders and necks.  At some point, my neck and shoulders went numb, and from then on everything was great!
The girls quite enjoyed their ride and would only come out of their packs by force. S and A looked so comfortable with their little snack cups that it made me wish they made these things for adults. 
Our little koala cubs in their natural habitat.
Getting in tune with nature. 
Throwing rocks in the “creek” = hours of entertainment.

This trail is popular with mountain bikers and the girls giggled watched bikers go bumpity bump through the rocks. A few bikers mentioned they too had twins and used to carry them around on hikes too. Didn’t look like any of them ended up hunchbacks, so that was encouraging. 

Amelia enjoyed throwing rocks while Samantha liked to carefully place them in the water instead.

All wet.
Playing the flute. 
The ravine down here was really pretty with plenty of the fall colors we lack up above.  

A random bamboo forest. 

         Samantha checks to make sure she’s securely in her pack for the trek uphill back to our house.

The downside of our little adventure was that the girls are now addicted to these packs. We had to hide them in our garage so that the girls wouldn’t see them and beg to be backpacked around our neighborhood. What have we done?!

Lots of love,


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