Happy 20 Month Birthday!

The girls celebrated Veteran’s Day and their 20 month birthday today. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that they will be two years old in just four months. Excuse me while I blow deep breaths into a paper bag. Stop it. Just stop it. 
Over the past 20 months, there’s been a few times where it seemed like everything changed in an instant, and this month was definitely one of those times. 
The past few months, we’ve had some crazy development in speech, and this month we continued to build upon that foundation. S and A went from talking mainly to me here and there to babbling constantly to me, each other, friends, random strangers, and themselves in a twin language that I wish I could figure out. I can usually pick out a few phrases here and there, but man, do those two JABBER! They understand it perfectly, of course.
Independence was the name of the game this month. From learning to pour their own water into glasses from a pitcher, to eating at their own table, to climbing their step stools and washing their hands in the sink, to trying to pick out their own clothes/dress themselves (this never ended well), S and A can’t wait to grow up. I can wait though. So slow it down, ladies!
The girls have always liked books, but the past month, they have really been into books. Cuddling up with those two on my lap while they point out each and every dog in the picture (even if there are no dogs) is my favorite time of the day. Inevitably, there’s a fight over who gets what book and who gets to sit smack dab in mommy’s lap. When Jake’s home, we each get one to hold– the best part about twins!
Speaking of Daddy…we’ve missed him majorly this month. The girls have the word “dada” on repeat (all. day. long.) and grab his shirts from the closet or bring me his shoes, repeating “dada” again like I didn’t get it the first forty times. When I answer he’s at work…oh boy… prepare for a major meltdown until I can find a hand stamp or sticker with which to distract them. When Jake walks through that door, it’s a drop-everything-and-run-as-fast-as-you-can-to-be-the-first-one-picked-up-and-thrown-up- in-the-air moment. It never gets old!
Over the past few weeks, the girls started telling us that they needed to go to the potty (Samantha more than Amelia). They’ve also learned to communicate LOUDLY when they are even the slightest bit uncomfortable. A hair on their finger? GET IT OFF NOW. Slimy yogurt on their hands? I ASKED FOR A WIPE FIVE MINUTES AGO. Oh, and don’t forget the lotion. The girls are little miss prisses in some things and in others, like playing with the boys at the park, it’s been all about the rough and tumble.
Gymnastics, Spanish and Music Class were favorites this month. It’s amazing how far they’ve come following the teacher– they try so hard to listen and do all the hand actions to the songs. It’s exciting to see them recognize what’s coming next during class or during a specific activity. The look of accomplishment on their faces after banging a tambourine on their knee or touching their noses along with the teacher’s actions is priceless. 
On the way to and from said activities, it’s mommy and toddler karaoke hour…The Wheels on the Bus, complete with the actual wipers swishing, the windows going up and down and my impressions of both Samantha and Amelia going “ha ha ha/all through the town”  is always the first request. When we finish their favorite, we move onto their other requests, namely, Itsy Bitsy Spider, If You’re Happy and You Know It, and Old MacDonald. My voice is constantly hoarse. 
Multiple visits to the pumpkin patch, the zoo, the beach, playing at the park, trick-or-treating, art projects at home and Halloween kept us all on the go. As much as they love going places, the girls are content to simply chill on the patio with sis (especially if the hose and/or applesauce popsicles are involved). Give them a piece of chalk to boot and they’re in heaven. 
What do I miss most about this month already? Watching Samantha and Amelia push their dollies in strollers or shopping carts and saying hi/hugging every scarecrow, pumpkin, ghost and skeleton in the neighborhood. Hours of entertainment!
All month, it’s either been a constant battle to distract one from the other’s toy she’s screaming over or rushing to grab my camera to capture each and every heart-melting sister kiss, hug and squeeze. Amelia calls Samantha “Sam” and Samantha calls Amelia an unintelligible word that sounds nothing like Amelia, along the lines of “Blat!” Whatever their terms of endearment, their love for each other is adorable and obvious. 
Watching these two interact like best friends is the greatest reward ever after a long day of breaking up fights and soothing tears. A mix of exhaustion and joy with every sweet moment pretty much sums up each day, and I’m ok with that. Despite the (very) difficult days thrown into the mix, I love, love, love this age. Life with the two sweetest toddlers on the planet (not that I’m biased or anything)  is what I’m thankful for this November. 
And now for a photo dump of life from Month 20: 


Lots of love, 


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