Date with Samantha

Life is very different hanging out with one twin for a change! Amelia had a dermatology appointment to get a mole on her head looked at, which meant I got to spend the morning with just Samantha.

Amelie was super excited about her date with Daddy, even though it was at the doctor’s office. 

Samantha and I went to gymnastics class and it was amazing the difference having just one of the twins made! 

Zero fuss or whining in the car over who had what blankie or toy. 
Getting out of the car and navigating the parking lot without having to use Inspector Gadget arms to wrangle both girls was a piece of cake. 
Competition for my lap during circle time was non-existent. 
Samantha even seemed a little less shy around others since she knew she had my sole attention– so much so that the teachers commented about her newfound easy-going-ness.

In addition, it was fun being able to give all my attention to Samantha and concentrate solely on her. She is such a character!

Just when the other moms were congratulating me on my little “vacation,” in barged Jake and an exuberant Amelia, who was back early from her appointment (everything was fine– we just have to keep an eye on the mole). Fortunately, Jake was able to stay for class, so we each played man on man defense.

Even though both Jake and I were there, the dynamic totally changed once Amelia walked through the door. Both girls either wanted me or they wanted Jake at the same time. They wanted to do whatever the other one was doing. They both wanted the same swing, the same trampoline, the same zip line. Back to life as usual.

Despite the bickering, it was adorable to see the girls’ excitement upon being reunited. They kept giving each other big hugs (much to the delight of everyone else there) and jabbered on excitedly, apparently recounting to the other how they had spent their morning.

The pros (and cuteness) of having two girls the same age definitely outweigh the cons!

Lots of love,


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