Cousin Noah Fix

This looks suspiciously like a photo shoot…
Oh no! It is!
Despite coming prepared with fruit snacks to keep their mouths occupied (and not screaming), I failed to manage getting a decent shot of Samantha and Amelia with cousin Noah when he came down to visit. And by decent, I mean 50% of the twins are looking at the camera and not crying real tears. Crocodile tears are acceptable. 
Noah: Please tell me I’m not related to these crazies!
More bribes fruit snacks, por favor. 
Noah– you are a trooper. Especially considering you have many more years of taking photos with the girls ahead of you. 
On a happier note, Amelia let Uncle Steve hold her hand…a major turnaround from a few minutes beforehand when both girls immediately burst into tears when he answered the door to let us in. 
Earlier in the week, Amelia happily showed Aunty Lynn all her farm animals and her barn. Samantha was not as pleased with the situation. 
Later, Samantha apologized by walking Aunty Lynn to her car. 

Back to the Noah visit. The girls informed me that the real reason they were upset during pictures is because they wanted to play with their cousin, so we walked up to the park. Or rather, the rest of the group walked to the park while I tracked Amelia through her various detours, arriving 30 minutes later.

Super Noah!

Sadly, this scenario has happened before at our usual park. The cast of characters: Samantha, Amelia and a tire swing. Scene: All is right in the world…

…Until a third intruder tries to join. No amount of reasoning regarding the relative balance of the tire swing being ideal for a group of three ever convinces Amelia.

Come slide with us, Noah!

You like tummy time, right, Noah? 

NOW you’re smiling, Samantha? REALLY? 

The girls begged to put Noah in their strollers, but I told them they had to prove they could keep their dollies alive first.

They really like to go off-roading, you see. 

See what you’re in for, Noah? 

Good thing Noah is adorable– despite the girls’ best efforts, any picture with him in it is automatically a winner. Samantha and Amelia are looking forward to more play dates with Noah and are excited for the day when he’ll be able to join in the fun (although I don’t know if he feels the same way!)
Lots of love, 

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