Table for Two

We recently bought a small kids table for Samantha and Amelia, mostly for craft projects and puzzles. After seeing how well they were doing in their weekly Montessori class sitting at a table and eating, and with the encouragement of their teacher, we decided to experiment with having the girls eat meals at their table instead of in their high chairs.

This basically sums up how things are going so far:


This was one night we didn’t feel like intervening and just let them go at it, but, surprisingly, it’s actually been a lot less mess. Apparently, throwing food and sippy cups from such a low height isn’t as appealing as from a high chair.

After the novelty of eating at a big kids table wore off, the biggest challenge has been simply getting S and A to SIT DOWN while eating. I’m guessing they don’t really know what to do with their newfound freedom, as evidence by their serious lack of impulse control (shocker).

While I continue to repeat “SIT! SIT!” on autopilot throughout dinner, Bandit sits nearby, rolling his eyes and thinking, “I TOLD you these puppies were defective. I’ve been sitting on command since I was a few months old!”  He can’t complain too much, though– he’s now within striking distance of their dinner.

The girls have found many unintended uses for the table, including, but not limited to, standing on top of the table, stretching out under the table, attempting to stack chairs on top of the table (difficult since they are solid wood), banging toys on the table, and, the most adorable of all, having a little pre-bedtime chat with sister on the table. 

Who knew tables could be this much fun?

Lots of love,


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