Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins!

Despite having already picked out our Halloween pumpkins three weeks ago at the Irvine Regional Park pumpkin patch, S and A insisted on checking out the pumpkin selection at the Irvine Great Park’s Spooktacular festival. You know. Because they have to make sure they got the best ones.


Hmmmm…smaller in circumference,  yet optimal stem curvature.


Definitely passes the “sit test.”


Super comfy.


Just the right weight too.

We ended up getting two more pumpkins to add to our collection. This is what we’ve done with our previous pumpkin stash so far:


S and A are still arguing over what to do with their latest pickings.


Before we left the pumpkin patch, we said hello to the poor soul sweating in the 80 degree head in a cow costume (Amelia was “mooing” the entire trip after that) and did a practice round of trick-or- treating at the booths they had set up. The girls were a little confused at first as to why random people were handing them treats, gift certificates, and toys, but quickly got the hang of it. After our test run, S and A will definitely be ready for the real thing in a few weeks.

We topped off our outing with a stop at one of the food trucks, which was serving all varieties of crepes– our favorite! S and A can’t wait to return to the Spooktacular next year when they are old enough to try out some of the carnival games and crafts. Now that the girls are a year older, we’ve found that Halloween (and holidays in general) are really ramping up in the fun department!

Lots of love,


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