Planes, boats, and trucks: A love story

S and A’s favorite things right now include anything transportation related. They wave and say, “Bye bye!” to every car on the freeway. Every. One.

They make their own “choo choo” noises as they precariously guide foodstuffs into their mouths with utensils.

The faintest far-off rumble of a plane or helicopter necessitates dropping EVERYTHING to go outside and spot it.

Favorite song? Definitely “The Wheels on the Bus.”

The girls’ obsession with vehicles started with dump trucks and tractors, which their friends, Parker, Logan and all the other boys play with at the park. Parker’s mom, Phi, alerted me to a great deal on a set of construction trucks for the girls and kindly picked some up for me. Now we have our own set to rival the boys’!

Silly boys– trucks are for girls.

Samantha and her beloved dolly John Deere tractor. 
Amelia’s “vroom vroom” noise is cute enough to melt hearts. 
Continuing on with the transportation theme, the girls are fascinated by boats, even if said boats don’t happen to be moving. 
Here the girls enjoy a super quick pre-nap jaunt to Dana Point harbor to get our boat fix. Jake was into sailing at one point and is already prepping the girls for an epic sail around the world (not happening). 

Chilling with the boats. 

The girls would be over that fence in two seconds if I let them. 

Planes! Samantha is a little behind Amelia when it comes to putting two or three words together, but she has recently begun shouting in toddlerese, “Aywpwane in skyyyyyyyy!” at the faintest hum of a plane or helicopter. It’s actually pretty amazing (not to mention adorable) to hear her say it since she rarely strings together multiple words intelligibly otherwise.  I think they are going to have some pretty interesting things to say as they continue to talk.

The sound of an airplane means we STOP everything immediately to go outside and point to it. Amelia was pretty proud to be the first one to find one this time. 


“Where is it?” Samantha pouts. 
Samantha loves making plane noises and pretending to fly while swinging. 


As long as the girls aren’t driving them, I’m fully supportive of their love of vehicles. Don’t worry girls– you’ll be behind the wheel in no time…32 years to be exact.

Lots of love,


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