Monster Bash

In preparation for Halloween, the girls were excited to try out their costumes this week at several different parties.  Thanks, Grandma, for the Madeline costumes, handmade with love!
I sent my mom a photo with an idea of what I wanted months before Halloween  and she totally delivered my vision. The girls received many compliments, although a handful of people (teenagers) didn’t know who Madeline was and thought the girls were dressed up as “school girls.”
All dressed up for the My Gym Halloween bash.
Two Madelines, Miss Clavel, and a French dude.
S and A kept their hats on for a surprisingly long time.
Notice we are the only adults (besides the teachers) wearing costumes. Where is your Halloween spirit, people?


It was nice to do a trial run with the girls’ costumes and get all the kinks worked out. For the real deal, I will need to triple knot the bows on their frocks and hot glue the ribbons on their hats, for example.


S and A were fascinated by all the crazy costumes. There was a little boy from their gym class dressed up as a monkey and the girls followed him around everywhere making monkey noises, for example.Climbing a ladder in a stockings next to a monster? Why not?

Ever the realist, Samantha was a little dazed and confused by all the weirdos dressed up.


Amelia thought it was all great fun!


Grace, what are those sticks poking out of your head? Let me fix that…


Nun Mommy looked really out of place next to the colorful Disney princesses, Miss Stacey, Miss Amber and Miss Jasmine.
Next up: Crystal’s Halloween bash for all the neighborhood friends. Amelia clearly enjoyed herself.
I was having a mental breakdown a teensy bit stressed out during the party trying to keep the girls from ruining decorations, eating rice from the sensory bins, squirting glue and cupcake frosting everywhere and other mayhem, so I didn’t get pictures of all the girls’ friends or fun activities. It really was the ultimate toddler party though!
Crystal had some crafts, cupcake decorating, Halloween-themed sensory bins and games set up, but S and A were perfectly content hanging out in the back patio playhouse instead.
The water table was another favorite.
 And eating, of course.


The girls’ favorite Halloween activity was the pumpkin-scented homemade play dough Crystal made (NO idea how she found the time to do this with three little kids of her own, including a newborn).  Samantha loved the play dough so much, she wanted to clench some in her fist and walk around with it the entire party. Part of my stress during the party came as a result of playing guard, trying to keep the girls from eating bits of the yummy flavored dough.


Crafting with Camden.


Our next Halloween adventure: the Ladera Harvest festival with the Wrights.  Live music, food, skull tattoos, pumpkins and large, grassy areas on which to run around…what more could a toddler ask for?
Thanks for inviting us, Maliyah! Very interesting choice of pose, girls.
Pumpkin sitting is a legit hobby.
The all-time coolest thing ever: a miniature garbage truck!
I’ve died and gone to heaven!
Let’s roll.
All dressed up again for a night on the town.


Munching away at our church Halloween party/Trunk or Treat.


We didn’t stay for the Trunk or Treat part since it was nearing the girls’ bed time, but we had fun people-watching at dinner and stuck around for a few games.


Getting sleepy.
One of the girls’ favorite things right now is hand stamps. They are always excited for their hand stamp after gym and music class, so when they found out they could get monster hand stamps after playing some of the games at the party, they stood in line over and over again.


We even caught fellow identical twins, Charlotte and Claire for our annual identical twins Halloween photo! This year’s turned out slightly better than last year’s due to S and A not completely freaking out this time.
Samantha, Claire, Amelia, Charlotte 2013:
So traumatized!
At least we’re making progress.
Lots of love,

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