Lunch hour at the beach

Jake’s in trial until Thanksgiving, so we’ve barely seen him recently. Thank goodness he was finally able to break away for a breather and some much-needed Daddy-Daughter time at the beach on a weekday.  He’s been so stressed that he needed a little relaxation just as much as the girls needed the quality time. 
Digging holes: that’s what daddies are for. 

Fine. I’ll play by myself. 

Amelia loves that pitcher. 

The fresh ocean breeze and rays of sunshine sure beat hanging out in an office all day. 

In search of sand crabs. 

We love it when summer is over and all the tourists leave. It was pretty much empty…except for that couple making out in the background.

Checking out the sidewalk that was pummeled by some super strong waves a while back. 

Samantha has been especially clingy with Jake recently and wouldn’t let him out of her sights!

Who could blame her?

An hour at the beach and Jake was fully refreshed and ready to tackle his cases once more. Samantha and Amelia are always great mood-lifters!
Lots of love, 

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