Happy Halloween from the twins of Saddleback Valley

The Halloween season would not be complete without returning to the Pumpkin City pumpkin patch with a few other twin families for the annual Saddleback Moms of Multiples Club pumpkin outing. Other non-twin people at the patch that evening were pretty confused to see so many twins running around!
Samantha at Pumpkin City in 2013, 6 months old: 
Samantha, 2014, 18 months old: 
Amelia, 2013, 6 months old: 
Amelia, 2014, 18 months old: 
The girls in 2013: Poor Amelia had a rough time!
2014: Now Amelia is our happy party girl! Olé!
2013: Amelia was so grumpy last year!
2013: Amelia, left; Samantha, right.
2014: Amelia, left; Samantha, right. 
Giggly babies on the tractor 2013: Amelia, left; Samantha, right.
Fighting toddlers on the tractor 2014: Samantha, left; Amelia right. 
It was an epic battle to control the tractor’s steering wheel this year!
Samantha reigned supreme. 
Props to Amelia for not giving up.
Samantha was pretty happy with herself. 
Finally, Amelia got her hard-won turn. 
Before heading to the pumpkin patch, we ate dinner at the nearby Ruby’s Diner for our Moms of Multiples Club fundraiser. 

Enjoying some apple juice. The girls were dying for one of Ruby’s pumpkin shakes, but, unfortunately, they don’t make them with any dairy alternatives, like soy or almond milk (milk still gives the girls major upset stomachs–almost everyone in Jake’s family is dairy intolerant as well). So disappointing!

The girls were fascinated by all the toy planes. 
Not even close to all the twins in our club are pictured here, but we attempted to take a group photo for those that were there early anyway. Watch Samantha in the bottom left corner. See that mischievous look on her face? 

That means she’s about to make a gleeful run for it!

Leaving Amelia twin-less. 

Taking a group photo of 8+ sets of twins was a daunting task. At least Amelia and Samantha weren’t the only ones to keep bolting during the photo shoot. Note the ADORABLE sets of boy/girl twin babies on the bottom right. I was DYING.

Good girl Amelia looked straight at the camera with her sweet grin for Mommy. 

Chilling with the twin girls. 

Photo attempt with mommy fail #1: 

Photo attempt with mommy fail #2: 
Photo attempt with mommy fail #3: 

Photo attempt with mommy fail #4. I give up!

Family photo fail. The girls simply refused to put on their happy faces!

Off to more exciting things. 

Love you, pony!

Amelia thought these moving ride-on toys were awesome. 

Samantha liked them too. Until they inexplicably started moving…



We had to switch Samantha onto the non-moving rides while Amelia enjoyed a relaxing ride on what was left of Samantha’s quarter. 
Happy Halloween from the twins of Saddleback Valley!
Lots of love, 

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