19 Months going on 19 years

We celebrated the girls’ 19 month birthday last week with some tasty beet cupcakes. I never thought I would say “beet cupcakes” and “tasty” in the same sentence, but there you go.  
 The girls love oven-roasted beets because of their natural sweetness, so I figured they would love this recipe I adapted from Weelicious. 
All of us (Bandit included) agreed they tasted pretty good, beet-yness and all. As an aside, I like to imagine that every time I manage to successfully sneak vegetables into the girls’ food, be it in eggs, muffins, green smoothies, casseroles or just straight up veggies, a deposit is made into my mommy brownie points bank account somewhere. Yes, I get that excited. 
I am totally in love with the vibrant color the beets gave the cupcakes. 
Amelia dug in without waiting for sis. 

Nice of you to join us. 

Wait…this has veggies in it? Mommy 1; twins 0. 

The beet frosting doubled as lip gloss (bonus!)

Miss blue eyes. 

Toddler approved. 

Alright. Enough proper eating. Time to stuff our faces. 
You only turn 19 months once. 
Go! Nom nom nom. 

Belly. So. Full. 

Side note: the jeans the girls are wearing are size 3T. They are a tiny bit long on them, but other than that, they fit. Please stop growing!

The girls burnt off their beet-induced energy by walking around and pointing out all the scarecrows, ghosts, skulls and skeletons in the neighborhood.  When they started coming off their high, a neighbor’s miniature bench made the perfect resting spot. 

And then they crashed. Crashed hard. 

“It’s all for show!” giggled Samantha. 

Because who wouldn’t want to take a nap on the cold cement sidewalk. The things toddlers find hilarious…
Lots of love, 

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