Twinnie Tuesday: Twin Mischief

The girls are deep in the throes of making the dreaded transition from two naps to one, which means they are not tired enough to take a morning nap, but so exhausted by lunch that they erupt into hysterical crying fits. This means I’ve been self-medicating with my go-to mom fixes: Otter Pops, Bose noise-canceling headphones and funny articles. I had a good laugh today browsing through this compilation of twin mischief photos:

There’s one toward the end with a blonde twin boy climbing a filing cabinet that reminded me of something Samantha and Amelia would do if we had a filing cabinet! Some of those twins would definitely give Samantha and Amelia a run for their money, although if we’re talking “mischief created consistently over an extended period of time,” the girls would win hands down.

Next time there’s a call for double trouble photos, I will be ready to submit my own. I’m sure I have hundreds that would qualify, but this is what I found in, oh, five minutes of browsing old photos:

Sucker punch. 

Double teamed. 

Oscar the grouch.

Tug of war. 

Mixed Martial Arts match. 
Round two. 

“Helping” with the laundry.
And again. 
And again. 

“Helping” organize the closet. 

“Helping” with diaper changes. 
“Helping” with the dishes. 
“Helping” Mommy cook. 
“Helping” Daddy sort his electronics. 

Face plant. 

Food-related mischief deserves its own website. 

Going out to dinner is especially bad. 

Fun with vaseline and leather. 

Human step stool. 
Trash can teamwork. 

This one was my fault. 

So was this. 
And this. 

A “Mommy gives in” moment. 

Let’s play “Who-Can-Climb-Into-The-Smallest-Space-Possible?”

Caution: Amelia ahead. 



Food coloring + oil + plastic baggy + teething toddler = no bueno. 

 Good morning! We’re here to make trouble out of your day!

I told them to look at the camera and channel “baby rebel.” They nailed it. 

At least looking at all the other twin moms’ photos, I know I’m not alone!
Lots of love, 

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