Twinnie Tuesday: Mega-Twins

And I thought Samantha and Amelia were huge when they were born…

A set of twins was born at our local hospital a few weeks ago who weighed in at nine pounds, ten ounces, and nine pounds, three ounces! The mother did NOT have a c-section! You go, girl!

(Thanks, Great Aunt Lynn, for telling me about the article!) The average twin newborns weigh five pounds, just to give you an idea of how huge that is. Samantha and Amelia were six pounds, nine ounces and five pounds, eight ounces, respectively and the doctors were surprised by how large they were, considering they were 36-weekers.

These boys look so squished in their hospital crib!

Samantha and Amelia had a little bit more room.

The ten pound twins in the article above were born at 39 weeks (also an amazing feat for twins!), but even though they had a few weeks on Samantha and Amelia, there’s no way the girls would have gotten that big, even with some extra incubation. 

Still, these mega-twins aren’t even the largest twins on record in the US. There’s no Guinness record for biggest twins, but there were some twins born in Arkansas at the turn of the century that weighed a combined 27 pounds! Can’t. Even. Imagine.

I’m still holding out hope that Samantha and Amelia can beat the world record for tallest twins– six feet seven inches. Eat those veggies, girls!

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