Pretending it’s Fall

With all this talk of fall, the girls have been asking me what exactly this season entails since it all looks pretty much the same to them outside right now. With its Fall/Halloween Festival going on, Irvine Regional Park was the perfect place to escape summer, pretend we live somewhere that actually has seasons, and pretend we live in the country for a day!  
S and A had a blast poking their heads through all the paintings. 
They are really getting the hang of this picture taking thing. 
Well, almost. Wrong way, girls!

How tall this fall? 
The girls are actually both three feet tall, but refused to stand up straight for this photo.

S and A were SCREAMING to drive one of these tractors. We had to pry them away before they jumped the guard rail. 

Terrorizing brushing the goats. 

Master of the goats. 

S and A’s favorite activity was pumpkin picking. They took their job very seriously and carefully scrutinized dozens of pumpkins before settling on four. 

Samantha assesses her pumpkins, looking for perfect proportionality, beautiful coloration and just the right stem. 

Snacking is serious business. 

After the girls started getting tired, we took a train ride around the park. Samantha looked up at me grinning every time the conductor blew the train’s whistle and she heard the “CHOO CHOO.” 

It wouldn’t be fall without a hay maze. 

Good thing Daddy’s tall so he could find the way for us. 

 More pumpkin picking. 

And pumpkin weighing. 

Balloon animals!

It was supposed to be a flower bracelet, but Amelia popped it. 

So she promptly stole Samantha’s doggie balloon instead. 
Hey, that’s mine!

Yee haw!

 Haunted House? Giant spiders? Meh. Amelia walked right past them all without a second glance.

Samantha was totally offended her ransom was set so low. 

Two for the price of one? 

Time to go home with our selection of pumpkins whilst completely ignoring the “Pumpkins Only” sign. 
Samantha approved. 
Riding off into the sunset. 

S and A were happy to get a taste of fall for an afternoon! That, and the arrival of pumpkin pies at Costco, helped us officially ring in the fall season. At least we can pretend, anyway.

Lots of love,


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