Extended Family Fun

Last weekend, S and A were totally spoiled to have Grandma and Aunt Sarah over for a few days, as well as Great Aunt Annie with cousins Jack, Eleri and Rhys, and Great Aunt Linda and Uncle David. The girls didn’t know what to do with all the attention!

Racers…start your engines. 
And they’re off!
Look how strong I am, Grandma!
Twin cousins playtime. 

The girls also showed off their swimming skills to Great Grandpa, Great Auntie Lynn and Great Uncle Steve, who stopped by while we were at the pool. 


Between Great Uncle David’s cannon balls into the pool and his silly faces,  S and A were always highly entertained (don’t let this picture fool you…the girls were being clingy koalas for the camera). 

Before Aunt Sarah and Grandma had to leave back for Utah (it was a very quick trip), the girls decided to dress up in their Ute gear and show them around the park. 

Samantha perfects the one-handed cart push in order to hang on to her snack bag. 

Down we go. 


Take THAT, hill!

Tea, anyone?

Another cart race.

Check out these leaves, sis!

Since we won’t see Grandma over Halloween, the girls dressed up in the Madeline costumes she made them for some pictures. I didn’t put them in the stockings and shoes that go with the outfits this go around, but it was a fun sneak peak. We are I am so excited for Halloween! And yes, I will definitely be dressing up as Ms. Clavel. 

Partying with Aunt Sarah. 

Ride ’em, cow girl!
On Monday, the girls woke up and matter-of-factly explained to me that the house was extremely quiet and boring with all our visitors gone. 
Come back soon!
Lots of love, 


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  1. Do those football pants come in my size?!? Can't wait to see the Halloween pictures!